The Teak Revolution


We Provide Quality Teak Wood Products at your satisfaction with Economical and Affordable Prices.


To Supply Total Timber Solution and any Furniture Requirements for Housing Projects, Hotels, Restaurants, Apartments and Houses.


The Teak Revolution established in the year 2005 with the guidance from late Mr. S.A. Premarathna, the Chairman of State Timber Corporation. We did not build the company in blink of an eye and all of this was through a long process.

The Teak started as Timber Exporting Company then turned into a Manufacture and Exporting Furniture to International Market. Now we do both local and international Market. Our main international Buyers are from India and U.A.E

We are stick to purchase teak wood timer only from the State Timber Corporation and We do not mix any other variety of Teak Wood Timber in our for our Products. We always maintain the same thickness each and every part of our product.  

The Teak Revolution owned two acres with Fully Equipped Imported High-End Wood Working Machineries and Production Quality Control. Throughout many experiences of more than a decade and supported by a 15-20 skilled workers including Carpenters, Spray Painters and Machine Operators who have high Craftsmanship.

We give you the warranty of 15 years to all our Teak Wood Products and Maintain the After Sale Service in time to time. Hope you will enjoy our collections of Furniture Made from Finest Solid Teak Wood.

Chairman’s Message

Welcome to The Teak Revolution.the-teak-furniture-chairman

It is my privilege to introduce you to “The Teak Revolution”, the most unique and quality Teak Furniture manufacture and exporter in Sri Lanka.

We make our Teak Wood Furniture with certified teak wood timber from Timber Corporation. The Teak Revolution has ranges of solid Teak wood Furniture, Teak Door Frames and Teak Window Frames and we give you after sales service of 15 years warranty and maintain product with free quoting after 5 years.

We assure you will indulge your living with our furniture. Hope you will enjoy our collections of Furniture made from finest solid Teak.